Using Podcasts For Survival Training

I, like most Americans have a daily commute that must be endured in order to maintain my employment.

I average a 30-min drive in, with an hour drive to get home, thanks to traffic.

Radio is great, but I felt it was mindless noise, and audio books are awesome – but the price makes them too expensive as a day-to-day option. So, some time ago, I started listening to Podcasts to help the time go by.

You can find any topic you want in Podcast form, mostly free. I have leaned about gardens, firearms, tools, solar power, HAM radios, and numerous other topics… All on my daily drive.

I recommend that you check out some Podcasts that interest you, in subjects you find interesting.

Some of the most interesting/valuable that I have found are:

– The Chip Monk Family Survival Podcast
– Reloading Podcast
– Reloading Radio
– Handgun World Show
– Self sufficient Homestead
– Today’s Survival Show

Who else uses Podcasts to enhance the most important prep there is? (Skills)

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