Evaporated Milk – Not Just For Gran’ Ma’s Cooking

Evaporated Milk (EM), I love the stuff – It’s a great short-term prep type item that has tons of uses as compared to regular milk.

EM has a shelf life, for the unsweetened variety, of about a year and a half +/-; try that Mr. Moo Juice in a jug. I know that this is only a portion of powdered milk, but there are other benefits besides just a long shelf life, such as:

– Flavor, it tastes good (but is a somewhat acquired taste.) EM is processed by removing some of the water content (amongst other things), which gives it an interesting flavor.

– Good portion sizes, most EM comes in approx 12oz cans – if you just need a little, you don’t have to waste a bunch. (As compared to opening a #10 can of powdered milk.)

– Convenience, I look at prepping as an everyday journey where I learn, challenge myself, and mentally process options for an alternative future. The convenience of EM lets me learn in short spurts. For example, I love mac and cheese (it’s my childhood guilty pleasure) – but don’t keep gallons of milk in the house; this is where a little 12 oz can of EM comes in real handy. This is the same for any boxed meal (some Hamburger Helpers, Rice a’ Roni, ETC.) that requires regular milk.

– Can be split, at about a 1-to-1 ratio with milk, and has roughly the same nutritional value as fresh milk.

– In a pinch, can be used as baby formula (Link to Study), but of course, breast milk is better.

I suggest picking up a case/can or two and try it out. I don’t recommend drinking it per say, but as a component for cooking, its nutritional characteristics, and as a back-up for short-term emergencies – I think it’s a winner.

Anyone else like EM? What uses have you found?

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