MAG Rules

Every group should have a few rules – just so there are clear expectations and responsibilities. Don’t go US Tax Code and start making things long and difficult with a 1000 exceptions – Keep It Simple Stupid.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a solicitation for membership, this is a set of  guidelines that can be used for educational purposes or as a starting point to open a discussion on a rule structure. Please feel free to use/modify them for your own groups.


LEADER – Responsibility for the day-to-day running of the MAG, as well as setting the basic tone, rules and regulations. LEADER is to be the conduit for communication and is responsible for setting up meetings, distributing ideas, and enforcing policies. LEADER has voting power of 1 when it comes to community decisions. During a time of distress, one LEADER from the group will be identified to make all but the most critical of decisions. Each LEADER can identify 4 SANCTIONED as a benefit of group membership.

MEMBER – Active member of the group, is required to abide by the rules and regulations of the group, and receives all the benefits, advantages, and support of the group. Each MEMBER has voting power of 1 when it comes to community decisions. Each MEMBER can identify 4 SANCTIONED as a benefit of group membership.

SANCTIONED – Inactive member of the group. Must be identified by a LEADER or MEMBER. These are normally participating/non-participating family members or loved ones; i.e. Spouse, Brother, Father, ETC. Each SANCTIONED has voting power of 0 when it comes to community decisions, personal preferences and influence will be expressed through their MEMBER’s votes. A MEMBER or LEADER can add to the number of SANCTIONED that they may include by increasing their monthly buy-in by $50 per additional SANCTIONED, up to a maximum total of 6 (4+2).

Each member of the MAG is required to complete the following to be considered for inclusion into said MAG (Mutual Aid Group):

Pre-selection requirements:

1. Be sponsored by an existing member. An individual should not be sponsored unless the member believes that the individual can uphold the spirit of the MAG and meet all obligations.

2. Agree to obtain within 6 months of inclusion to the MAG minimum personal equipment (as to not make the individual a drain on MAG supplies/resources) as follows:

  • AR-15 patterned rifle in 5.56mm (will be in CA compliant status if held in CA, parts/weapons can be held on the main facility property if desired) OR M1a in 7.62
  • 10+ functioning/tested rifle magazines
  • 1000+ rounds quality ammunition in 5.56 or 7.62, as appropriate
  • Appropriate LBE
  • Glock 22, 23 or 35
  • 5+ functioning/tested factory pistol magazines
  • 250+ rounds of defensive .40 S&W ammunition
  • Pistol holster
  • One (1) effective personal defense firearm, with appropriate accoutrements per SANCTIONED. (Already identified group standard above preferred, but not required. Going with what the person is most comfortable with is best.)
  • LTS (Long Term Storage) food; at a minimum, 1 year food supply for MEMBER with minimum 5 year shelf life.

Defined as group standard, recommended, but not required:

  • Mossberg 500
  • 100 + Slugs
  •  100 + 00 Buck
  • 50 + #4 Buck
  • 250+ Bird shot
  • Ruger 10-22 in .22 LR
  • 4+ Ruger Magazines
  • Good selection of .22 LR light hunting rounds

3. Procure additional food storage – 1 Year to complete

  • 6-month food supply for each additional SANCTIONED with the understanding that the goal is 1 yr supply for each person.

4. Demonstrate a skill-set that would be favorable to the MAG, i.e. military training, advanced medical training, communication licenses, mechanical aptitude, farming/gardening skills, construction knowledge, ETC.

5. Pass an interview with the current LEADER and at a minimum 1 MEMBER.

6. Provide initial buy-in funds and agree to current monthly dues.

  • Current buy-in is $2500
  • Future buy-In will be elevated based on improvements made to the MAGs infrastructure. This amount to be decided by group vote.
  •  Current monthly dues is $150 per MEMBER/LEADER
  • See “Accounting” below for details on how these monies will be utilized
  • Discounted/waived initial buy-in and monthly dues will be considered by MEMBER vote based on special circumstances/hardships.
  • “Trade” could also be considered if the applicant has items/skills of sufficient worth to the group.

MAG Rules, Polices, Benefits, And Other Admin

  • All dues, initial buy-in fees and donations will be held in its own account, not shared with any MEMBER or LEADERS’s personal finances.
  • All dues will be considered forfeit upon payment; there will be no reimbursement of funds or returning of assets if membership is canceled.
  •  All accounting will be conducted with complete transparency. It is the right of any MEMBER to request complete financial details at any time.
  •  Funds will be used for major projects/supplies and paying off the loan for the property.
  • The goal is to pay off the property as quickly as possible as to be “free and clear” from debt/foreclosure possibility.
  • Projects to be completed will be voted on.
  • Each MEMBER has the right to inform the LEADER of their wishes as to what will be chaired for discussion as to what the next project will be.
  •  All tangible items (i.e. not site upgrades or reusable items) that are purchased using group funds will not be utilized by an individual unless approved by the LEADER in a time of duress, or group vote at other times.
  • MAG funds can be used to assist any member that has a great personal hardship such as job loss or medical bills.
  • Use of funds and amount to be released will be decided by vote.
  • Individual will pay back the loan as soon as possible, repayment can be waived (partially or in full) – based on personal economic situation.
  • Dues can be waived/suspended during these financial hardship times as well.

Property use

  • All MEMBERS/LEADERS who are current with dues have exclusive rights to use the group’s property for recreational, training, and personal reasons.
  • There will be no permanent modifications done to the property without the group’s knowledge and approval.
  • There will be no leaving of personal vehicles, RV’s or structures without the consent of the group.
  • The property POA rules/ CC&Rs will be followed by every visitor.
  • Hunting will be allowed as long as it is within POA rules and State laws.
  •  Each MEMBER/LEADER can bring SANCTIONED individuals at any time, other visitors can be brought, but keep the following in mind: OPSEC, OPSEC, OPSEC.
  • Permanent structures will be developed as approved by the group.
  • The planting of fruit/nut bearing trees will be given a priority, followed by defensive landscaping, and finally cosmetic landscaping (if any.) These elements will not be tampered with by any visitor, will be protected, and will require eminence whenever the site is visited.


  • All new members will go though the initiation as outlined above.
  •  A member may leave the group at anytime, and no longer have to pay dues.
  • Former members will be treated as any other trespassers or unwelcome guests. The definition/consequences of such will depend on current world situation.
  •  All members will be issued a “challenge coin” to use as identification as a member of the MAG. Details of coin will be described in person.
  • All members are expected to maintain all the items listed as pre-requirements above. Items may be stored on or off property.
  • Each member should strive to make themselves as useful to the rest of the group as possible by developing skills, maintaining personal fitness, and keeping an ample stock of supplies.
  • Each member may be issued a specialty to concentrate on, based on what skills/aptitudes the individual possesses. These include, but do not limit themselves to Gunsmithing, Medical Training, Communications, Logistics, Gardening, Animal Husbandry, Leatherworking, Mechanics, ETC.
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  1. realist954 says:

    Just curious it has been four years since you wrote this how is you MAG doing? I have found many times it is hard to keep interest in your group. Most people do not have the drive. It is for this reason I only use family or real close life long friends. It would take someone with unusual skills to be allowed.

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