Screw You Mr. CR123 – I Like AA’s For My Preps

Some items in your prep supplies may require batteries; flashlights, radios, night vision equipment, etc.

When at all possible, I try to get everything in AA size. This allows for easier logistics, battery maintenance, and overall group standard.

Historically, there were some items (like high-powered flashlights) that may do better with other options, such as CR123’s – but this is not always the case. If there is a product line you prefer, chances are there is a AA option.

For example, I really like the Fenix E21 flashlight – 150 lumens, sturdy construction, waterproof and you guessed it, takes AA’s.

This also goes over to weapon optics, the EOTech 512 Holographic Sight takes AA’s, as well as the Aimpoint Comp M4:

Compm4/Compm4s Optical Sights Compm4 2moa

You could easily make a small solar charging station to take care of just your AA needs, and never be without. Take a look at the Sanyo Eneloop line of rechargeable batteries – they seem to be made with the prepper in mind. One note to keep in mind, price seems to vary considerably – even on Amazon – so do your homework.

Eneloop’s can also be found here:

Eneloop SEC-MQN064N 4-Position Charger With 4 AA eneloop Batteries

(one of our affiliates)

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2 Responses to Screw You Mr. CR123 – I Like AA’s For My Preps

  1. Tom says:

    I respect your opinion and really enjoy your stories (well I used to until you retired from writing). I purchased one of these flashlights on your recommendation and I must say, it is excellent. If I had any complaints about it at all is that is is almost too bright. Outside is great, but for any close work, its almost painful on the eyes.

    • Thanks for your comment. No, I have not retired from writing… I am just sometimes slow to get out updates on live stories – I accept the criticism.

      You are 100% correct that for many tasks it is too bright, I tried to read with it one night and pretty much blinded myself. I should have clarified that it is a good light for “tactical” (I have one attached to one of my rifles to test durability, 1200 rounds so far, so good) or, like you said, outdoor use.

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