Painting Your Tomahawk… The Cheap Ass Way

A while ago I posted a blog on how to paint your rifle, the cheap ass way (HERE) with detailed instructions on a way to paint your rifle.

I wanted to demonstrate another way to paint “tactical” gear, and took a whole bunch of pictures on my phone of the process…. Then I got rid of my phone, and the pictures with it before I could write it up – so you will have to make do with before and after pictures and instructions in between.

  1. Prep your item, in this case a M48 Hawk by United Cutlery (Amazon,) clean the outside with a good degreaser, and scruff up the whole Hawk with some sandpaper.
  2. Give a good base coat of paint, I used Krylon’s camo line in green(Amazon – use this for reference only, the price seems high. your local Walmart or Ace should have some).
  3. After drying, hit it with a few stripes of a contrasting color, I did brown.
  4. After drying, place inside a mesh laundry bag (I snagged an extra one my wife had for my new baby, found at BabiesRus), and hit it with shots of your third color, in this case kakhi.
  5. Add extra cool-guy features, such as wrapping the handle in paracord. DONE!

You can, of course, use the same technique on rifles, knives, pumpkins, or small children.  You can alter the colors in the order they are layered, the quantities of those colors, and even the color selection.

Enjoy, and get painting… the cheap ass way

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2 Responses to Painting Your Tomahawk… The Cheap Ass Way

  1. Krylon is good stuff, but it does wear off eventually. The hard edges on the corners and the blade will wear off first. You might need to reapply the Krylon after a while but it is much cheaper than other coatings and easy to apply.

    • Agreed – most of the time, this adds to the cammo effect, introducing a random fourth color to the mix (the base color of the item painted.) In fact, you can already see some of the areas where the paint is wearing on the photos I added, and there is no real loss to the overall pattern.

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