Why you need to start stocking food NOW

Part of “prepping” or just preparedness in general is that you have to be proactive about stuff, if you’re reactive to things then you’re stuck in the same situation as everyone else. To do this you have to pay attention to a lot of different things. You need to be constantly (at least once daily) seeking out different sources of information for things that are going on in the world. You need to have a “pulse” on the events of the world so you can see what’s coming before other people do. Over time, you will develop a keen instinct or feel for things and you can adjust yourself, your preps, your family, etc, for those situations. I’m writing this article because I see the potential for a dire situation in the mid-near future. Below are just a few things that collectively raise an eyebrow to me, and they should for you too.
California is in the midst of a severe drought and with summer upon us, it’s only going to get worse. For those of you who think California is full of nothing more than liberal hippies and surfers, consider that California is a major livestock and agricultural powerhouse.
“California is the top producer of agricultural products in the nation. It produces a wide array of commodities but, its single most valuable category is dairy products. In the livestock group, production of cattle and calves is also important to the state, as is, to a lesser degree, the value of California eggs. Broilers can be counted among the state’s top livestock products but, because data are not available, it’s not possible to determine where they rank among the other commodities.

Among a broad range of crop products, California’s greenhouse and nursery products rank at the top of the list. Grapes, almonds, lettuce, and strawberries round out the top five most valuable California crops.”


As the State tries to deal with the lack of water, there are several communities that currently have no water at all. Zero, zilch, nothing. The State is pushing residents to cut water use by 28-32% or face increasing fines and fees. This is causing a major push against the agriculture industry. Some farmers have stopped producing crops all together because it is more profitable for them to sell their water rights to other farmers. Some farmers who do not have water rights and cannot afford to purchase water are either going out of business or simply not planting this season. The drought does not affect crops alone, this will spread to the poultry, dairy, and livestock industry as well. If you don’t think California’s agriculture and livestock industry will impact the rest of the world or the country, you’re wrong.

The Federal Government is working with 33 States to try to contain the worst Bird Flu outbreak in our nations history. The article cites 33 million as the number of birds being culled, but the last number I heard on the radio was 40 million. If this outbreak is not contained over the Summer it could likely be made exponentially worse in the fall as millions of migratory birds pass through the flyways potentially spreading the virus.


I was reading an interesting story today about ISIS setting fire to a major Iraqi oil refinery and the potential consequences for the rest of the world if ISIS captures another major oil field. They certainly have the capability to do so. A lacking Iraqi military and an unwilling US Coalition, to me, means this situation is unavoidable. I remember in 2006(ish) when gas prices in California rose to $5 a gallon and diesel rose to $7 a gallon. Many truckers stopped hauling because they could barely break even. At $8 a gallon for diesel, they (the talking heads) estimated that no trucks would haul goods. Think about that.. NO TRUCKS would haul any goods of any kind because to do so, they would lose money with each trip. It takes time for market prices to react to this kind of disruption so a temporary cease in delivery services to grocery stores would be unavoidable. Consider still, in the State’s effort to recoup tax money lost to fuel efficiency they have increased taxes primarily on diesel fuel. Diesel is now in many cases MORE expensive than gasoline even though it is cheaper to produce!


Looking at these issues individually, they are all potentially very bad things. When you start to look at them collectively you start to see the bigger picture. This is what those of you reading this must be able to do. I recently read a very good book by Fernando Aguirre “FerFAL” where he gives advice from having survived the economic collapse in Argentina. One of the things he mentions is, if he could do one thing differently he would’ve had more food. “There’s no reason why you can’t have 6 months – 1 year of food in a first world nation where food is cheap.”

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  1. realist954 says:

    Good article and so true. One thing on California since I live on the Left Coast, it they are now in control of all the water. In January they passes a law giving the State all the water rights down to puddles. I have rural property in two areas, one has a well the other has running streams. At the present we do not have meters on the wells however I see that changing in time. They are asking people if they will allow the state to come in and voluntarily monitor their water usage, fat chance. As to growing your own food, we do it and preserve it by drying and canning. It is imperative you take care of your own.

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