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Stage 1 Food Preps – Canned Food (With Recipe!)

Everyone wants to know “what is the first step in getting food preps?” They want to know freeze-dried or MRE’s? Dehydrated or Coast Guard Rations? This guy’s opinion: none of the above – get some canned food. This is not … Continue reading

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Fish Meds? – Really

Before reading this blog, please understand a few things: – I am not a doctor, nurse, EMT, shaman, or any other medical professional (basically I have no real idea of what I’m talking about.) – Take the following as educational … Continue reading

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Build A Complete AR For Under $600 Bucks

I am the resident “gun guy” at work/in my circle of friends, and I am asked all the time on how to get an AR for “really cheap”. I normally try to dissuade people from going the cheap route when … Continue reading

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Fiction – Boy Part 2

Part 1 can be found HERE. The Boy awoke in the strange pre-dawn morning. Enough light was available to see the clearing he was sleeping in, but dark enough to still see the dull glow of the coals from the … Continue reading

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Fiction – Boy Part 1

This story is the counter-part to the “Girl” story: HERE The man stood outside a mid-grade hotel in a medium sized city somewhere in the Midwest. Over his shoulder was a strap connected to a simple black bag about the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Group Standard”

What is Group Standard? GS is the practice of getting those in your group, MAG, or like-minded friends similar enough equipment so that there is redundancy built into your collective preps. Most want to set a group standard (recommended items … Continue reading

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Retreat Storage – Shipping Containers

If you are lucky enough to have a retreat or BOL, you should have a way to secure and protect your supplies. You can build a structure, get a shed, get a trailer, bury it in a hole, leave it … Continue reading

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Using Podcasts For Survival Training

I, like most Americans have a daily commute that must be endured in order to maintain my employment. I average a 30-min drive in, with an hour drive to get home, thanks to traffic. Radio is great, but I felt … Continue reading

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Painting Your Firearm – The Cheap Ass Way

Most firearms start their life out either as evil black or in red neck wood – and like the story of the butterfly or ugly duckling, they must be transformed into a more aesthetic version. We must do it for … Continue reading

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Fiction – Girl Part 8

The girl woke to Rob gently shaking her. “Sorry, your turn.” She peeked out of her sleeping bag, the sun hurting her eyes. “Ok, I’m getting up. Were you able to get a hold of anyone on the radio?” she … Continue reading

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