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Why you need to start stocking food NOW

Part of “prepping” or just preparedness in general is that you have to be proactive about stuff, if you’re reactive to things then you’re stuck in the same situation as everyone else. To do this you have to pay attention … Continue reading

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AR-500 Concealed Plate Carrier/Armor Review

You may be thinking to yourself that you’re not a Cop or a Soldier so you don’t need armor. Personally, I think if you are willing to carry a gun then you should also be willing to wear armor (not necessarily … Continue reading

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After Action Review: A trip to the BOL (Bug Out Location)

A few weeks ago I went out to the ranch, practice runs are the best thing you can possibly do for yourself. It will get you in the habit of knowing where your stuff is, what you’ll need to bring … Continue reading

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Oil Lamps

A few years ago I was in Virginia during a hurricane and as expected the lights went out. Luckily, I had stocked up on Lamp oil and some oil lamps. Not many people are experienced with oil lamps so I … Continue reading

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Bug Out Bin Update

If you’re like me, you’ve been prepping for a long time. Over the years you probably have accumulated tons of gear, survival equipment, long term storage foods, guns and ammo. My problem was that I felt extremely un-organized. As if, … Continue reading

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Home Fortification Part 2

  I have been in the market to buy a house for about a month now. This has given me the opportunity to view and visit several houses and is what first got me into paying attention to home security. … Continue reading

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Bugout Bins

Image this: You’re at work, it’s late in the day and something terrible happens. There’s a terrorist attack in the nearest major city. No word on just how bad, details are limited, all you know is that a truck bomb … Continue reading

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