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Fish Meds? – Really

Before reading this blog, please understand a few things: – I am not a doctor, nurse, EMT, shaman, or any other medical professional (basically I have no real idea of what I’m talking about.) – Take the following as educational … Continue reading

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Build A Complete AR For Under $600 Bucks

I am the resident “gun guy” at work/in my circle of friends, and I am asked all the time on how to get an AR for “really cheap”. I normally try to dissuade people from going the cheap route when … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Group Standard”

What is Group Standard? GS is the practice of getting those in your group, MAG, or like-minded friends similar enough equipment so that there is redundancy built into your collective preps. Most want to set a group standard (recommended items … Continue reading

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Retreat Storage – Shipping Containers

If you are lucky enough to have a retreat or BOL, you should have a way to secure and protect your supplies. You can build a structure, get a shed, get a trailer, bury it in a hole, leave it … Continue reading

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Using Podcasts For Survival Training

I, like most Americans have a daily commute that must be endured in order to maintain my employment. I average a 30-min drive in, with an hour drive to get home, thanks to traffic. Radio is great, but I felt … Continue reading

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Painting Your Firearm – The Cheap Ass Way

Most firearms start their life out either as evil black or in red neck wood – and like the story of the butterfly or ugly duckling, they must be transformed into a more aesthetic version. We must do it for … Continue reading

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